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Ada Long Cotton KaftanAda Long Cotton Kaftan Tuttabankem



Dress to impress with this fantastic full length silky cotton kaftan with striking print on dark navy ground…dining by the pool anyone?

Adele Cotton KaftanLong Cotton Kaftan Tuttabankem Adele



Fine cotton satin kaftan with a dynamic large floral print.

Agatha Cotton Kaftan Tuttabankem


£115.00 £89.00

This pretty fresh bubble print batik cotton kaftan has a dainty fuschia pattern on a white ground. Super to slip into after a day on the beach!

Silk Velvet Alexa Kaftan Tuttabankem



Spectacular silk velvet kaftan with stand collar & frog fastening – rich paisley print in turquoise & blue on a black background. (Matching velvet scarf – see accessories section) Make a grand entrance!

Annette Womens Kaftan TuttabankemAnnette Womens Kaftan Blue Tuttabankem



Cool fine cotton poplin kaftan – crease resistant so terrific for travelling to warm climes.

Silk Velvet Kaftan Tuttabankem AntoinetteSilk Velvet Kaftan Tuttabankem Antoinette



The classic ‘Blue Velvet’ kaftan is the ultimate for evening glamour. Ultra feminine!

Audrey Long Cotton Batik KaftanAudrey Long Cotton Batik Kaftan



Dynamic cotton batik kaftan with print on dark blue ground…a very smart long kaftan for strolling around in; add sparkle with a chunky necklace & sunhat.

Long Cotton Aurelia Kaftan TuttabankemAurelia Cotton Kaftan Tuttabankem



This striking smooth pure cotton kaftan, with turquoise print on a white ground, will turn heads wherever your holiday destination. Imagine sipping a cocktail by the pool – Enhance that tan!

Bettina Cotton Kaftan - Tuttabankem Out Of Stock



Ensure a fabulous entrance portside or for an evening soiree with this incredibly pretty fuschia batik kaftan. Fabulous!

Gold/Black Caitlin Cotton Kaftan TuttabankemGold/Black Caitlin Cotton Kaftan Tuttabankem



Charmingly elegant kaftan in very fine quality cotton – perfect for exotic holidays or lounging at home.

Caprice Ladies Kaftan Tuttabankem



Think 60’s style icons with this stunning understate Cotton Linen Jacquard Kaftan. Dress up with chunky colourful jewellery or be ultra-elegant with classic strings of pearls.

Carrie Cotton Chambray Kaftan Tuttabankem



Cool soft cotton Chambray kaftan in a denim blue – dressed up or down it is terrific.

Long Cotton Celeste Kaftan TuttabankemCotton Celeste Kaftan Tuttabankem



Striking printed kaftan in a smooth cool fine cotton – packs and washes perfectly. Super for sunny holidays and lounging at home!

Clarissa Cotton KaftanClarissa Cotton Kaftan



Bring the flowers to the party with this dynamic print on a black ground – the smooth silky cotton feels amazing. It has the wow factor!

Silk Velvet Cosima Kaftan TuttabankemCosima Kaftan Tuttabankem



If you are thinking special outings dress to impress with this silk velvet kaftan. The rich dramatic print catches the light beautifully and is quite simply stunning. There is a matching shawl with silk fringes to complete the elegant look.

cotton kaftan dahlia tuttabankemcotton kaftan dahlia tuttabankem



Smooth fine cotton kaftan with striking flower print – packs and washes perfectly. Super for sunny holidays and lounging at home!

Red Darcy Cotton KaftanRed Darcy Cotton Kaftan



Striking fine cotton kaftan with ivory print which travels a dream – here comes summer.

Batik Cotton Elena Kaftan TuttabankemBatik Cotton Elena Kaftan Tuttabankem



A striking cotton batik kaftan with flashes of rich red, orange and purple on a mottled blue ground just perfect to wear on that cruise.

Elsie 100% Cotton Kaftan TuttabankemElsie 100% Cotton Kaftan Tuttabankem



A stunning printed long kaftan in cool super smooth crease free cotton – the perfect holiday cover up.

Ethel Cotton Kaftan TuttabankemEthel Cotton Kaftan Tuttabankem


£115.00 £65.00

Turn heads with this dynamic cotton batik kaftan with subtle black print on a taupe ground. Perfect for that special holiday!

Evie Cotton Kaftan Tuttabankem


£89.00 £65.00

A striking kaftan dress with dramatic print on a blackground – wonderful for those cooler evenings after a day by the pool. This smooth cotton kaftan travels a dream.

silk velvet kaftan fabiola tuttabankemsilk velvet kaftan fabiola tuttabankem



Super sophisticated velvet kaftan drapes beautifully and is a dream to wear. Understated elegance!

Fiona Viscose Kaftan Black TuttabankemFiona Viscose Kaftan Black Tuttabankem



Fabuolous flower print full-length kaftan on a Royal Blue or Black ground – this fabric hangs beautifully.

Florentina Kaftan TuttabankemFlorentina Kaftan Tuttabankem



A sumptuous paisley silk velvet kaftan – perfect for that glamorous occasion. A generous matching shawl completes this look.

Long Cotton Francine Kaftan



Soft cotton kaftan with rich print on a lilac ground – turn heads on the med!

Pure Silk Francoise Kaftan TuttabankemPure Silk Francoise Kaftan Tuttabankem



This dramatic pure silk crepe de chine kaftan is perfect for that warm winter holiday – cool and lightweight so travels a dream. A show stopper!

Red/Ivory Freya Linen Viscose Kaftan TuttabankemRed/Ivory Freya Linen Viscose Kaftan Tuttabankem


£120.00 £85.00

This fabulously dramatic printed kaftan drapes beautifully and is perfect for home and holidays. Cut a dash!

Harmione Long Cotton Kaftan Tuttabankem


£120.00 £89.00

This Sea Island cotton kaftan with stunning print in ivory and grey on a sea green ground hardly creases at all – perfect to dress up or down!

Imelda Kaftan TuttabankemImelda Kaftan back view Tuttabankem



Slip this lightweight kaftan on over your swimming costume – super easy cover-up.

Orange Cotton Iris Kaftan TuttabankemIris Kaftan Cerise Tuttabankem



Beautifully feminine, this lovely kaftan has a striking floral print on a white ground – look cool in the sunshine.

Isadora Kaftan Tuttabankem Out Of Stock


£165.00 £125.00

A stunning soft silk kaftan in a dramatic print on rich royal blue ground – fully lined in ivory silk. Feel glamorous at that dinner party!

jasmine cotton kaftanLong Cotton Jasmine Kaftan Tuttabankem



Super cool smooth pure cotton kaftan, with pink print on white ground – a charming feminine kaftan just perfect for cruises & tropical winter vacations – simply stunning!

Jilly Batik Kaftan TuttabankemJilly Batik Kaftan Tuttabankem Out Of Stock


£89.00 £55.00

A cool cotton full-length batik kaftan with a blue print on a white ground. Perfect for al fresco dining by the pool.

Joanna Ladies Long Cotton Kaftan Turquoise Tuttabankem



Fine cotton poplin kaftan wonderful for lounging on that cruise & smart enough for the Captains table.

Katerina Kaftan Tuttabankem



A wonderfully easy full-length kaftan crafted from the finest needlecord. Featuring an elegant paisley print, this is the perfect day to evening piece.

Full Length Lillian Kaftan Tuttabankem


£120.00 £79.00

Cool and sophisticated linen/cotton kaftan with a black, violet, grey and cream print on an ivory ground. Feels wonderful and drapes beautifully – just the ticket!

Lisa Womens Viscose Long Kaftan TuttabankemLong Lisa Viscose Kaftan Tuttabankem



Ultra feminine floaty kaftan which drapes beautifully. Wonderful for the smartest occasions.

Lola Cotton KaftanLola Cotton Kaftan


£115.00 £79.00

Striking hand printed batik cotton kaftan with cerise or burnt orange ground. That Caribbean sunshine beckons and how perfect is this!

Lucia Cotton Kaftan TuttabankemLucia Cotton Kaftan Tuttabankem

Lucia Mustard


Ivory & black hand blocked print on mustard ground to a 19th century design. A truly sophisticated cotton kaftan!

Madeleine Cotton Kaftan TuttabankemMadeleine Cotton Kaftan Tuttabankem


£115.00 £55.00

We hope you will love this cotton bubble print kaftan with cream print on a soft white ground. It looks spectacular dressed up with the bold necklace and Turquoise Sunhat – a real show stopper!

This kaftan is a little see-through so perfect to wear over a swimming costume.

Maggie Cotton KaftanMaggie Cotton Kaftan


£115.00 £69.00

Cotton kaftan has a batik print on a navy or blue ground – the more understated classic look for home or holiday.

Marcella Ladies Cotton Needlecord Kaftan



Comfy soft needlecord kaftan in a classic print on ivory ground. Super smart kaftan for lounging around in.



Brilliant rich turquoise hand blocked batik print cotton kaftan – throw this on and feel a million dollars by the pool!

Martha Green Cotton KaftanMartha Orange Cotton Kaftan



A soft cotton batik kaftan available in either mottled oranges or rich mottled greens with a hint of gold. Dressed up or down this cotton kaftan is sure to make you stand out from the crowd.

Mimi Ladies Cotton Kaftan TuttabankemMimi Womens Cotton Kaftan Tuttabankem



Striking printed cotton poplin kaftan just the ticket to add some pizazz to that hot sunshine holiday.

Monique Cotton Kaftan Tuttabankem



This striking cotton print kaftan in gold, navy & black print is sure to turn heads!

Silk Velvet Natalya Kaftan Tuttabankem



An especially glamorous silk velvet kaftan with subtle blue & silver grey print on a black ground which shimmers as only silk can. So whether you are going to the opera, a smart dinner party or entertaining at home, dress to impress with this divinely elegant velvet kaftan!

Odile Ladies Cotton Needlecord Kaftan Tuttabankem



Smart soft cotton needlecord kaftan the perfect at home garment for winter evenings.

Ottilie Long Cotton KaftanOttilie Long Kaftan Tuttabankem



Smooth silky long cotton kaftan with ivory print on a blue ground… understatedly elegant.

Rosa Kaftan Lime TuttabankemRosa Kaftan Lime Tuttabankem



The Rosa fine cotton kaftan is cool – so perfect for those holidays in the sun. It has a pretty flower print on either a Lime or Turquoise ground.



£120.00 £79.00

Incredibly striking and versatile this cotton sateen kaftan is a dream to wear. Printed with vivid flower heads, wear this to brighten up your day or for effortless cool in the heat.

Sandra Long Cotton Kaftan TuttabankemSandra Long Cotton Kaftan Tuttabankem



Cool fine full length cotton kaftan in a stunning 1960’s flower print… hardly creases at all so packs a dream.

Sienna Cotton Kaftan TuttabankemSienna Cotton Kaftan Tuttabankem



Look stunning in this cotton batik kaftan with a yellow print on a rich red orange ground. It will brighten everyone’s day!

Skye Kaftan TuttabankemSkye Kaftan Tuttabankem



A glamorous kaftan that is sure to turn heads on that Mediterranean holiday – with a fresh bold white print on a sky blue ground. Get the camera ready!

Cotton Needlecord Long Talia Kaftan TuttabankemCotton Needlecord Long Talia Kaftan Tuttabankem



This super practical cosy soft cotton needlecord kaftan is perfect to lounge around in – imagine sitting in front of the fire with the cat on your lap! The strikingly rich print is on a black ground. Fabulous!

Blue Cotton Tallulah Kaftan Tuttabankem


£120.00 £69.00

Chic, cool cotton kaftan feels wonderful, packs a dream and is ideal to wear at home or on holiday.

Long Silk Velvet Tamara Kaftan TuttabankemSilk Velvet Tamara Kaftan Tuttabankem



Extraordinarily luxurious soft silk velvet kaftan with a rich paisley printed design in rose, bottle and beige on a black ground which catches the light beautifully. This stunning kaftan does not crease at all and is perfect for the smartest occasion! You’ll love it!!

Tatiana Line Kaftan TuttabankemTatiana Line Kaftan Tuttabankem Out Of Stock



A fabulous pure linen kaftan in a smart woven stripe. Perfect to keep you cool and chic!

Long Cotton Needlecord Tessa Kafan Tuttabankem



Soft cotton needlecord kaftan in a striking pattern on a rich blue ground. Simply special!

Cotton Needlecord Thea Kaftan Tuttabankem

Thea Kaftan


We hope you will love this fine soft cotton needlecord corduroy kaftan! Perfect for those cooler days and nights it is both practical and super smart in a rich red print on an ivory ground. Looks fabulous dressed up or down!

Tilly Kaftan TuttabankemTilly Kaftan Tuttabankem



This hand blocked cotton kaftan in the richest orange with a red print will look amazing on a tropical beach. Chic and dramatic!

Tina Cotton Kaftan Tuttabankem Out Of Stock



This glamorous rich blue kaftan is just perfect for exotic escapes. Team with elegant gold sandals and jewellery as a must-pack piece for your vacations.

ursula blues and pinks cotton kaftan tuttabankemursula blues and pinks cotton kaftan tuttabankem



Silky smooth full-length cotton kaftan that is perfect for hot climes or relaxing at home. Hardly creases at all!

Valentina Silk Velvet KaftanValentina Kaftan Tuttabankem



The most sumptuous printed silk velvet kaftan – the French navy ground with paisley design in gold and printed with subtle emerald trailing leaves. Magical! (Matching velvet scarf available)

Vanessa Cotton Kaftan Tuttabankem



Brilliant cotton kaftan with a hand blocked print in rich pinks with white motifs. This stunning kaftan is sure to turn heads by the pool!

Venezia Ladies Silk Velvet Kaftan Tuttabankem



When you want to feel extra special this luxurious silk velvet kaftan is the perfect solution. The matching silk fringed shawl (68” x 20”) adds to the elegant look. Available with either our standard open neck or with a frog fastening.

Yvette Long Cotton Batik Kaftan TuttabankemYvette Long Cotton Batik Kaftan Tuttabankem



Vibrant blue & green printed batik long cotton kaftan for that sunny summer holiday… relaxed dressing at its best.